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Below are some testimonials from residents and family members that have made Katella Senior Living Community their home. We invite you to come and visit our community, talk firsthand with current residents and take a tour!

I love Katella Senior Living Community! My family looked at many places and chose the most charming and the most comfortable. I have a bridge club and I told the whole group to come her first if they ever need care or just seeking community style living. The food is delicious and everyone has been so helpful and kind.


Current Resident

I haven’t found anything I don’t like about Katella Senior Living Community! I came here with my husband when he was very ill and the clinical team and staff fulfilled his needs in completely. He has since passed away, and Katella Senior Living Community remains my home.


Current Resident

I knew I couldn’t stay alone any longer in my house and I entrusted in my kids to chose a place for me.  Katella Senior Living Community is my new home and I wouldn’t have it any other way! The staff is very caring and I have met wonderful friends.  Even extended family came in from out of state to see my new home and they were so very pleased with the care, environment, and how active I was!


Current Resident

It is so nice living at Katella Senior Living Community. I have an apartment in the community and my happiness, privacy, support, and peace of mind is more than I ever imagined. Once my spouse passed away, I had no desire to be completely alone, and was hoping on a place with good programs and good food! Katella Senior Living Community offers just that and a place where I can feel welcome, safe, and just be “me.”


Current Resident

I am writing to let you know of the outstanding services and positive experiences my mother, Mary, has had in her first five months at the Katella Senior Living Community in Los Alamitos, California. While it is never an easy thing to help your parent transition, by necessity of situation, from a home they’ve known for decades to an unfamiliar environment due to a loss of physical independence, I would like to commend Michele and her staff on the excellent job they’ve done since accepting my mother as a resident in late July of this year.

Although not completely unforeseen, my mother’s need for an assisted living situation happened unexpectedly and rapidly, and with me living on the East Coast and my sister living nearby our mom but with an extremely busy family life of her own, our need for a comfortable and caring new place she could call home was urgent. The warm and welcoming atmosphere, along with the friendly staff and reasonable affordability made Katella Senior Living Community an easy choice for us. Our mom has acclimated well, and after a tenuous start while settling in, she is starting to gain both more independence and, more importantly, confidence to be more independent. The staff helped as necessary, as well as prodded as needed, urging our mom on to regain her drive and stamina. She very much enjoys the activities provided by the center, stimulating her and instigating new friendships.

With hope for the future,


Family Member of Resident

Judy and I are so grateful to the many wonderful people at Katella Senior Living Community for their care of our beloved mom, Winifred, and for the helpful sensitive way they assisted us during the last months and hours of mom’s life. I hesitate to name people for fear I will leave some out, but Mercedes, Nori, Lorena, Sylvia, Melissa and Maria, who were all with mom when she died, have been a great help to us and mom. The group who came in to talk to us in mom’s room on Thanksgiving were comforting and shared specific memories of mom. They exhibited great patience with mom on some of her hard days and genuinely cared about her, seeing her as an individual.

I admire the work that you and the staff do, kindly helping residents and their families navigate the last phase of their lives.

Happy thanksgiving to you and your family,


Family Member of Resident